Custom-Printed Samples

When you order just 1 of these boxes, you can see how your design looks before ordering a larger batch.

Pre-printed Samples

See and feel the quality and size of our pre-designed boxes before you order.
Flexible Packaging Sample Kit
20 different product pouches, including stand-up and flat options.
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Order our custom sample boxes with confidence.

Not sure what type of packaging is right for your products? Curious about how your logo or branding will look on custom-printed boxes? Our sample boxes and pouches are the right solution for you so you can eventually order the right product to suit your needs.

From custom sample boxes with handles to our 20-pouch flexible packaging sample kit, VistaPrint has got a full range of custom sample packaging that’ll help you see and feel the quality before you order the exact amount you need for your business. You can choose a pre-designed and printed sample to see which type of packaging would be best for your products. Or if you'd prefer to see how your custom design looks on a single box, you can order any of our product boxes as quantity 1. This custom-printed sample will let you test-drive your design, so you feel absolutely certain before ordering more. When you receive a sample box or pouch, you can check out the quality of the materials, construction and printing. It also allows you to verify the design, giving you the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments or improvements before ordering more.

Knowing exactly what your boxes will look like and how they will perform can help give you peace of mind. It will help you test how well your products fit, how strong the material is and how your logo or custom design looks on the box. Then you can confidently order more, knowing that the end result will meet your expectations and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our sample boxes are made from either B-flute corrugated cardboard or strong white paperboard. Please see each product for a detailed material description.

Yes, you can. With our pre-printed samples, you can order as many samples as you'd like - each is $4 per box and will come with a generic design to let you see where and how the box can be printed.

For our custom-printed samples, we recommend ordering a single sample box per box type and size. This will help you see your design on a box before you place a bulk order. Custom-printed samples are $29.99 per sample for product boxes, tuck top boxes, lock bottom boxes, and auto lock boxes. Corrugated shipping boxes are $19.99 per sample - please note that when you place larger orders, your price-per-piece cost goes down.

The following boxes are made from post-consumer recycled materials: mailer boxes, square mailer boxes, tuck top mailer boxes, shipping boxes, gable boxes and flat shipping boxes.

The rest are not printed on post-consumer recycled materials, but are widely recyclable, based on many recycling programs. Please see each individual product for more details.

We offer a variety of shipping and product box styles. Shipping boxes and mailer boxes are made with corrugated cardboard and are designed to ship your products without additional packaging. The paperboard boxes (tuck top boxes, product boxes, lock bottom boxes, auto lock bottom boxes) are boxes intended for packaging your product on store shelves or prior to placing in a larger corrugated box for shipping.

Our corrugated box samples come with a pre-printed design to test the size of the box to make sure your products will easily fit inside, moreover you will see the print area where you will eventually place your design when you order in bulk. These are available for just $4 per box that includes free shipping with the code SAMPLEBOX. A custom-printed sample is also available, which gives you the opportunity to order just one sample box with your own design or logo already printed on it. This way you can check out your designs and how they look on the box before placing a larger order. Quantity 1 custom-printed corrugated cardboard sample boxes are available to order for $19.99 plus shipping, while paperboard product boxes are $29.99.

Product boxes are made from paperboard, which is intended for the product itself, but we recommend a sturdier corrugated box to withstand the rigors of shipping.